Mostly excited, still a fair bit nervous

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It is good to know that I am not alone having these mixed feelings before going on professional experience. When I read Natasha’s post about her being nervous before starting prac, I thought it was very similar how I usually feel as well. As I become more familiar with the class routines and the more I know the students, the nerves seem to settle, especially after the first couple of lessons. Hopefully, the excitement will take over quickly this time too.

After having my placement confirmed on Monday, it seemed like a big weight got lifted off my shoulders. First of all, I had a school to go to – the wait was over. Secondly, by knowing the year level, I could continue with a more focused preparation for prac.

Like many of you, I have been busy doing my ‘homework’ and finding out as much information as possible about my class. Although I have not had a face to face meeting with my mentor, we spoke on the phone and exchanged a couple of emails as well. My placement is at a large Independent Public School (IPS) in a Prep class and my mentor is an Experienced Senior Teacher – she seems lovely and very helpful. There are 15 delightful boys (my mentor’s words!) and 8 girls in the class – it will be interesting to see how this ‘imbalance’ will affect the class dynamic.

I have a class list, which will help me learn the students’ names, and then on Monday I can put faces to the names. I also have some information about the class’ weekly routine. We will not be using C2C; planning & teaching is directly from the Australian Curriculum. The school seems to be well resourced with ICTs, although I yet to find out particular details about how the preps are using them.

P.S. I hope those of you who were still waiting for a placement earlier in the week, have a class allocated by now. Wishing everyone all the very best for your prac, enjoy and make the most of this learning experience!

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3 Responses to Mostly excited, still a fair bit nervous

  1. jetski67 says:

    All the best for your prac Beata. I’m sure you will settle in quickly.


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